Another design we often receive is that of a traditional three panel double fold leaflet. The main problem that arises is a relatively simple one; the inner margins need to be twice the size of the outer ones or the content will not align with the folds.


Figure 1 shows a typical three pane leaflet



Figure 1



Figure 2 shows the same three pane leaflet with the columns set (incorrectly) with 20mm margins throughout....




Figure 2


Figure 3 shows how the leaflet in figure 2 will look once folded, with the folds depicted as black lines. Notice how the blue and yellow coloured areas spill onto the central pane. This is not a particularly bad example, but we have been given countless three pane leaflets with images and even text that would cross over the folds if not corrected. This is bad enough when all the margins are the same, but too often we are sent designs with the central margins actually set smaller than the outer margins.




Figure 3



Figure 4 shows the three pane leaflet, correctly spaced as depicted in figure 1, with the correct margins superimposed on the top. Notice that the outer margins are 10mm, but the inner ones are 20mm. Remember this and you shall not falter, forget it at your peril....





Figure 4

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